Snowperson Magic

I’ll wait for you…

Ready now? (Oh, please notice carefully the details below: red bird, jaunty hat, and a bagful of holly berries!)    

OK…here we go:

In the woods far from town, the snow came early and often, and walking through the evergreens inspired a kind of magical thinking.

Carrying a big woven basket to collect greenery, a slight, determined woman—not old, not young—but one who believed in miracles for sure, shivered delightfully amid the beauty of nature all around. She was headed into the forest to find decorations for her front door and windows—fir, spruce, and holly leaves with berries.

She ventured a half mile or so into the thickest part of the woods where almost no one ever goes, and this is the magical part of the story, so please close your eyes and picture this…

(No peeking. Eyes closed for everyone except—of course!—the reader.

Imagination open…here goes:)

The slight little woman came upon a clearing just in time to see a SNOWPERSON, cape and scarf blowing in the wind, holding gifts and bears, greenery and berries! And best of all, the woman (not too old, not too young) saw a red bird perched on a giant candy cane, ready (she thought) to fly right onto the Snowperson’s jaunty red hat!

The woman was, of course, surprised, but not unbelieving. She asked the Snowperson (who had pink cheeks, a charcoal smile, and a carrot nose) how it could move, having no legs! Where had the Snowperson been, and where was she going?

No answer…just the quiet sound of the wind and the snow blowing lightly all around.

The woman had learned over a lifetime of mystical signs and symbols that the red bird was nature’s special messenger, and she watched it fly from candy cane to hat to her own woven basket!

The woman wondered: Where did this Snowperson get all these gifts, and for whom?

As if in answer, the red bird flew off, and the woman followed. Deeper they went into the woods, all the while with daylight fading, until suddenly the snow seem to turn from white to a golden color mixed with stars. Then the woman saw IT.

(Oh, sorry! I forgot! You should open your eyes now if you still have them closed and click on window five for the rest of the story…)

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