Featured Art

When dusk came on Whitehaven Beach 

I remember walking

Pressing our feet against the misty sand 

With Baneberry floating in the breeze around us  

Until all was still

And we could see the stars up in the sky

Shimmering, Illuminating 

I still remember walking 

Until it was dawn 

And the beach was alive again…


Dunes shall I walk across

With May tanagers chirping

And sunny skies illuminating

All the soft sand blowing against the rough rocks

The water gleaming 

As the wind whispers 

Whoosh, Whoosh

And though there are signs

With the cruel wire blocking

I still might see

My red fox


March 29

About this week’s featured art, Red Yucca at Centennial Library (Midland, TX), the artist explains:

I’ve been working on my sketching/painting. The drawing is a chore still, but the reward is getting to push some watercolor around in the sketchbook! Locals may recognize the red yucca in front of the Centennial Library – at least I hope it is recognizable!

See more of Ms. Fregia’s work in every window of this week’s website.



March 22

Today’s featured art, a photo taken by singer and amateur photographer Kenna McWilliams, is a shot of our new puppy, Kailee. Deep breath.

Yes, we are going to try again to love a puppy without worrying about the expense, inconvenience or possible heartbreak. Kenna’s eye for photography emanates from her sensitive and creative heart. You will see more of her work on the site as the weeks pass. Her work this week appears in windows two, four, and seven.





March 15

Today’s featured art is by a gifted and cherished artist, Linda Goodridge of Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Originally from Carmel, IN, Linda used her considerable talent to teach other artists for many years in Evansville before retiring to create other gifts of love within her family and her community. 

I treasure all art by Linda Goodridge, perhaps especially Annie’s Place (above). Though I find it impossible to rank the pieces by the value they present to my senses and my heart, today’s featured artist is beautiful to the eye and to the memory. Annie’s Place reminds me daily of my son’s generous gift of a week’s stay there, of the dear friends who stayed with me, of my love of Seaside and Seagrove, and of the faith, generosity, and optimism of the artist.


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