December 1

 (especially for Sharon)

How quaint to imagine having a study in your house, a place for contemplation and reading, quiet and learning. Does anyone have a study anymore?

We could all create such a space–away from noise, near books and coffee or tea, and, of course, near a window. There might be a desk or an easy chair, a photo of someone inspirational, a favorite pen and stationery. (Does anyone have stationery anymore?)

And what would be the good of going to the trouble of creating such a space? In a season when the days shorten and the weather forces us more and more into a contemplative mode, a study or library reminds us that we are more self-sufficient than we believe, that we each have a passion we can wrap around ourselves, knowledge we could consider, notes we could keep for ourselves or send off by letter or email to a kindred spirit. And isn’t that the gift the universe gives us if we work to keep relationships intact…at least one soulmate who would understand the thoughts we have gathered?


December 8

December holds the Winter Solstice, Advent, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday, and Christmas day. For believers and non-believers, for the holy and the secular, December provides opportunity for joy and reflection.

Already the ground has taken on a permanent dappling–unraked leaves topped with snow, like frosting. Just enough white falls each day to keep the coloring pure, a gingerbread brown with unmarred icing. I am crunching through icy leaves and thinking of another holiness that comes in the quiet outside. Even for those who cannot travel out, the scene through any window is a prayer for the pantheist.


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