Love follows



waits for what’s to come.


City to city

life into death

from this plane to the next

Love leaps into the mystery


what choice does it have?


You will know Love;

it does not


or give up

or fade out

or go home.


Even when it seems



it waits


–Julia Hightower Gregg

Laura Lynn Jackson, author and medium, has written, “We are all connected by powerful cords of light and love, both here on earth and beyond.” Medium and researcher Joanne Gerber adds, “The energy of love is the bond between the physical and spiritual worlds. Upon the change called death, love transforms, but it never dies. Your love for your loved ones passed is your connection to them.”

For your writing this week, explore what it means to you to be connected through an energy to those you love on earth and beyond. In your way of thinking, how does love travel as an energy?

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