Poems for April

Catch a Falling Star

Since all I say is ‘thank you,’

how could the check-out clerk guess

that beneath this façade

mystical secrets swirl?


What if I told her

when she mumbles, ‘How are you?’

that this morning before dawn

when my chair swiveled to face the window,


when I was whispering details aloud to the dark

about dreams I held

in my deepest heart,


a falling star

the size of a cupcake

dropped out of the sky

right before me?


Should I explain that


the Divine says

a sizzling ‘yes’?


I could confide

that I simply stashed the star—

not in my pocket

to save for a rainy day—


but in the front of my mind

like a miner’s lamp

to light the way forward.


Or I could just say, ‘Fine,’

and ‘Paper, not plastic,



A Holy Journey

A stranger from an opposite coast

sends an unexpected  note:

‘I hope this is not out of your wheelhouse

but I was told to send you a message and I am here.


‘He wanted me to tell you he is okay

and he is happy

and he is around

and misses

and loves you.’


Make of it what you will,

but I will say what I have known:

One Catholic counselor who communes with

saints and angels,

Two swishes that cannot be explained,

Threes repeating everywhere…

Four mystics, telling secret truths,

Five lights flickering without cause…


I have seen one flaming star

fall right before my window–


and knowing it was for me,

I caught the glow of it

just as the song instructs


this is a holy journey

filled with huge mysteries and regrets

and only a few great loves


and I will need this Light

to mend and warm me…

…more to come


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